Please first select which type of card you would like, if you wish to make your own card please select Create a card, on the next page you will be able to select you card type that you wish to start making. You are then shown a preview of the card which you can begin editing!


Please then edit the stats as you wish them to appear on the card, then choose the club badge you wish to be on the card, you can also submit your own club badge on the card, we will crop and render the badge you submit so that it matches the style of the real card. Choose the card nationality and of course add the name you wish to appear on the card. When it comes to the player image you wish to appear on the card, please only use images you have the permission to use. You can crop the image to get a better preview of the card by visiting HERE but please dont worry, all purchased cards will be cropped professionally and the finished image will be rendered seamlessly onto the finished card. It will look great.  Before you checkout you should be left with something that looks like this: 


Once you are happy for us to get to work then please checkout. Our team of professional designers will then get to work fine tuning the design, and cropping the image onto the card, please see below some examples of our completed work, and rest assured we will only send out the best quality products!!


Have fun creating, and thanks for shopping @!